Graduate School NANO-PHOT (EUR PIA)

The Nano-Phot Graduate School (GS) aims to offer an unparalleled program of excellence, with an international dimension and in direct contact with the scientific and socio-economic issues related to the use of light, at the nanometric scale and in a sustainable development approach.

LabCom In-Fine

LabCom In-Fine is a joint academic/industrial project between UTT/L2n-SURYS to innovate in the field of large-scale controlled nanostructuring in order to meet the challenge of scalability in nanotechnologies with common objectives and an industry/academic complementarity.

PhotoHub Europe

UTT/L2n is part of this European project aiming to accelerate the adoption of photonics technologies by European industry, and thus contribute to boosting competitiveness and fostering new business and company models. PhotonHub Europe is a unique full-service, one-stop European photonics innovation center.

PhaseLab Instrument (PLI)

PhaseLab Instrument is a start-up founded in 2018 with a team of experts in photonics and bio-molecular functionalization. The technology was developed at UTT/L2n and in collaboration with the National Taiwan University.

Groupement de Recherche (GDR) Plasmonique Active

Plasmonics is a vast scientific and technological field of research, with applications oriented to many domains such as energy, nano-medicine, environment, enhanced spectroscopies, nano-optics, sensors...
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