Topic 1 : Light-matter interactions at the nanoscale (LiMIN) 

Contact : Davy Gérard 

In this research topic, we aim at using the intense and confined electromagnetic fields around optical nanoantennas to control light-matter interactions at the nanoscale. The related research keywords are the following:
Single nano-object spectroscopy, Nano-photo-chemistry and energy transfer, Plasmonics and Optical Forces


Topic 2 : Photonics for devices

Contact : Sylvain Blaize
  • Opto-electronic components:
- integrated plasmonics
- silicon-based photonics 
- integrated spectrometry
- integrated optical sensors
- optical micro-tips
- quantum nanodevices
  • Opto-electronic materials:
- active photonic crystals
- metamaterials
- zinc and silicon oxide 
- defects in diamonds and SiC
- II-VI semiconductor colloidal quantum dots


Topic 3 : Nanobiophotonics and nanosensors

Contact : Rodolphe Jaffiol
  • Biosensors
  • Cell adhesion and migration
  • Cell nano-imaging
  • Electromagnetic modeling of biological structures
  • Nano-toxicity and environmental safety

Topic 4 : Nanofabrication & nanosynthesis

Contact : Julien Proust
  • Electron beam lithography
  • Etching (RIE/IBE)
  • Optical lithography (one- and two-photon, interferometric, 2D, 3D, etc.)
  • Surface functionalization
  • Self-assembly and self-organization
  • Chemical synthesis and photo-assisted growth of nanoparticles