• Instrumentation and nanosensors
  • Near-field optical spectroscopy and microscopy (UV, visible, IR)
  • Infrared nanoscopy and nanothermal analysis
  • SERS, SEIRA, non-linear nano-optics
  • Interaction between metal nanoparticles and luminophores
  • Extinction/scattering  spectroscopy 

Molecular plasmonics and nanophotochemistry

  • Nanophotochemistry/physics
  • Interaction between localized surface plasmons and molecular probes (photosensitive or thermosensitive)
  • Polymer nanomaterials: functionalization, micro-nano photostructuring
  • Molecular/hybrid/active plasmonics
  • Plasmonic optical nanosources
  • Molecular photomotors


  • Instrumentation: optical near-field microscopies and spectroscopies for characterization of opto-electronic materials and components (AFM, Tuning Fork, aperture-based probes and scattering-type probes), low-temperature & high magnetic field spectroscopy, single photon correlation, single emitter lifetime
  • Components: integrated plasmonics, silicon-based photonics, integrated spectrometry, integrated optical sensors, optical micro-tips, quantum nanodevices
  • Materials: active photonic crystals, metamaterials, zinc and silicon oxide, defects in diamonds and SiC, II-VI semiconductor colloidal quantum dots


  • Fluorescence correlation spectroscopy
  • Fluorescence imaging
  • In vivo analysis

Simulation and modeling (transverse topic)

  • FDTD and DDA methods
  • Green surface and volume methods
  • Fourier aperiodical modal method
  • Differential method
  • Evolutionary methods
  • Dispersion of metals

Nanofabrication & nanocharacterisation (transverse topic)

  • Electron beam lithography
  • Etching (RIE/IBE)
  • Optical lithography (one- and two-photon, interferometric, 2D, 3D, etc.)
  • Surface functionalization
  • Self-assembly and self-organization
  • Chemical synthesis and photo-assisted growth of nanoparticles