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Institute for Services and Industries of the Future in Troyes

The institute for Services and Industries of the Future in Troyes (ISIFT) focuses its activities on the concept ’Industry of the Future and, in a wider context “Services and Industries of the Future”.

There are several academic partners to the Institute, viz., UTT, EPF, Y Schools, ESTP, URCA and also strong interactions with both industrialists and other institutions. The overarching aim is to implement a monitoring system with exchanges and development of new solutions and methods that can be implemented in the corporate systems and services, with a strong roots in the territory of Troyes and its surrounding areas.

The ISIFT has strong territorial connections in that it is committed to intense coordinating efforts with schools and other universities in the Grand Est Region around the theme “Services and Industries for the Future”. This approach is also used at a national level in close collaboration with, e.g., the S.mart network. The Institute’s international ambitions are noteworthy in terms of rich and promising exchanges with countries in Africa, in the Mediterranean Maghreb countries, in Asia and in the Americas.

Having noted that the so-called Industry of the Future (or “Industrie 4.0) calls for changes in organization and manpower management, the ISIFT focuses its work on the development of four priority axes: research, training, promotion and its platforms. These four priorities enable the scientists to develop innovative solutions and systems that will be promoted and transferred to an agile framework proposed to the industrialists in order to help accelerate their in-house technological development. The Institute’s platforms will enrich the training course packages and adapt them to best fit and comply with the industrial needs and to provide Proof of Concept (PoC) for the technological solutions developed.

6 themes in research, training promotion and associate platforms:

  • Smart Production and Robotics
  • Energy and Materials
  • The Environment, Humans and Machines
  • Advanced Engineering Processes and Materials
  • Sensors and Connected Objects
  • Smart Services
Date of update 20 septembre 2021