The theme "crisis and transition" is studied along three axes.

Crisis and transition

The aim is to understand their issues, their determinants, their dynamics and their multi-scale consequences in order to provide decision support (including indicators) based on vulnerability and resilience factors.

Risks and threats

The aim is to identify and evaluate them (quantitatively and/or qualitatively) by studying the hazards (natural, accidental or malicious) and the associated processes, in order to develop strategies and processes for anticipation and prevention, and even protection. The objective is to maintain STS activities (sustainability) and to take into account opportunities.

Decision-making processes in complex contexts

(and subject to various uncertainties) and the associated governance processes, from their co-construction to their consequences, which must be analyzed and guided by surveys, indicators and foresight. Uncertainties, ethical and cultural aspects are taken into account here.

Date of update 02 juillet 2021