Smart environment and high-level equipment

Apart from the methodological toolset, LL2A benefits from an innovative technological platform, which is richly equipped for experimentation, co-design, activity analysis and human movement analysis.

1. 2 connected experimentation apartments

1 as part of our lab at the University, and 1 integrated in an independent living residence. These 2 apartments are useful for the observation of the usage of technological devices in real-life conditions, by providing the means for simulation and testing, e.g of ambient assisted living technologies, smart home automation, social robotics. High-level video analysis equipment and mobile eye-tracking devices complement the experimentation devices.

2. Ideas lab

The ideas lab is a welcoming room, which allows creativity, collective intelligence and rich human interaction. It hosts different formats of participatory workshops: from focus groups to brainstorming sessions or co-design workshops. It is ideally equipped with large whiteboards, modular tables, videoconference system, smart living table.

3. Movement analysis platform

The 150m² room is very useful for capturing data for the design of physical frailty prevention tools. It is equipped with 8 3D Vicon cameras, 3 modular electronic forceplates to allow kinematic acquisition, electromyography, movement modelisation – analyses that are central to precise analysis of gait and walking speed, for example, when designing the algorithm of fall detection sensors.

Services provided

Through its technological platform, LL2A is able to provide several services, whether research-oriented or service/industry-oriented, both for design and evaluation, as well as measurement and analysis of human movement.
  • The creation, prototyping, validation and testing of new services, markets and technologies in real life contexts.
  • Measurement and observation of the use of technologies for the health and autonomy of the elderly person in the home
  • New multi-protocol acquisition systems and the integration of sensors and devices for behavioural observation.
  • Taking into account the societal effects induced by the introduction and use of physiological monitoring and pathology detection technologies.
  • Acquisition of physiological measures associated with emotional states.
  • Extension in a laboratory apartment including: living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom.
All hardware and software resources: infrastructures for welcoming professionals and users, experimentation in simulated or real ecological environments, methodologies and technologies for observing uses, prototyping, solution experimentation, multi-criteria evaluation.

Research equipment

LL2A’s research platform is uniquely equipped in France’s Eastern region with high-level equipment for activity analysis and human movement analysis.

Among these equipment, one can find :
  1. Wireless sensor measurement of physiological data: ECG, skin conductance, respiration, temperature
  2. Sensitive floor is a textile-based underlay with integrated microelectronics and proximity sensors
  3. Wi-Fi long-range wired mobile eyepiece tracking device
  4. Static eye tracking device
  5. High-precision, transportable motion acquisition sensors
  6. Biomechanical force platforms
  7. Native real-time acquisition and measurement of 3D data
  8. Musculoskeletal modelling software
  9. Synchronized recording software for up to 4 high resolution videos with real-time viewing
  10. Gigabit Ethernet acquisition unit and analog converter
  11. Acquisition, backup on data server in tens of terabytes
  12. Multi-protocol acquisition boards and sensors
  13. Software device for simultaneous remote observation and remote screen capture
  14. Serious game testing equipment
  15. Rapid and functional prototyping software and web development package
Date of update 04 février 2020