Innovations & Partnerships


  • Member of the Federation GE@2M. This federation includes 10 regional laboratories and 3 European partners in the field of mechanics and materials.
  • Member of the Research Group GeoMec (GDR Géométrie et Mécanique) created in 2018 (CNRS INSIS section 9 and INSMI section 41)
  • Member of the workgroup “reference specimens for X-ray stress analysis” lead by CETIM Senlis within the framework of Groupement Français d’Analyse des Contraintes (GFAC)
  • Member of the Research Group OXYFUN (Oxydes fonctionnels: des matériaux aux dispositifs) created in 2018 (CNRS INSIS section 8)
  • Member of MECAMAT association
  • Member of Association Française de Mécanique (AFM)
  • Member of Société Française de Métallurgie et Matériaux (SF2M)

Formalized partnerships

  • Chair with SNCF society: This chair linked knowledge and know-how to support SNCF Réseau in its digital transformation. This Chair is a collaboration between UR/LASMIS and UR/InSyTE. UR/LASMIS drive the definition and management of Digital Twins during the life cycle of SNCF components or infrastructure.
  • Corresponding laboratory of ANDRA on the design of High Activity waste containers
  • Nogent International Center for CVD Innovation, LRC-CEA n°DEN 3230
  • Chair on nanosensors innovation (starting 2020) to check advanced materials (nanostructured materials, additive manufactured materials) by use of non-destructive techniques (nanoparticles gratings) to map and characterize local thermomechanical quantities and predict specific events
LASMIS\EPF\PLATINIUM 3D partnership in the field of 3D additive manufacturing: we are working on the influence of certain specific mechanical surface treatments to improve the fatigue life and surface quality of metal parts obtained by additive manufacturing. We are also developing a specific behavior model of the material obtained by additive manufacturing.
Date of update 29 juin 2021