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Research at UTT

UTT-Troyes, a research-intensive model constantly seeking "excellence"

A model of scientific activity specific to Universities of Technology that articulates fundamental research, disciplinary research and technological research in order to respond to major societal challenges. Research activities are conducted by permanent faculty members, associate researchers, project researchers, PASTs, PhD students and technical and administrative employees who work in the fields of engineering sciences, information and communication sciences and technologies, as well as humanities and social sciences, with a volume of 1,480 rank A publications over the last five years.

Over 360 staff, including 123 lecturer-cum-research scientists, 183 PhD students, 22 technical support staff and "admin" agents work for UTT research.

5 research units

  • GAMMA3 : Automatic Mesh Generation & Advanced Methods

  • L2n - CNRS-EMR 7004 : Light, nanomaterials, nanotechnologies

  • LASMIS : Laboratory of Mechanical & Material Engineering

  • LIST3N : Computer Science and Digital Society

  • InSyTE : Interdisciplinary research on Society-Technology-Environment interactions

9 scientific and technological platforms

  1. Nano’mat : Used for nano characterization and nanofabrication using materials employed in mechanical engineering, optics, biology and agro-resources.
  2. CapSec : Safety/security sensors.
  3. EcoCloud : Analysis and assessment of environmental impact.
  4. CyberSec : Cyber-security.
  5. Living Lab ActivAgeing : Design and assessment of technological solutions to help senior citizens remain autonomous.
  6. Num3D : 3D digitization and VR (virtual reality) engineering.
  7. Adhere : Elaboration and characterization of surface deposits and associated functions.
  8. FFCA : Factory of The Future Champagne Ardenne
  9. PRESAGES : For research, experimentation and modelling of security related management activities.

UTT research expertises

With a strong positioning on major changes (digital, energetic, environmental, generational, societal), the UTT's research activities, which are multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary, remain as close as possible to the major changes in civil society in the following domains :
Date of update 04 juillet 2023