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Logistics and Production in the future

With optimization, robotisation, connected warehouses, artificial intelligence (AI), logistics will represent a key function for future industrial activities.

"The Factory of the Future (FoF) will be more agile, more flexible, less expensive to run and more user-friendly towards to the factory workers and its environment, thanks to high-level automation and digital integration of the entire production chain."

Research activities

Research units involved

Collaboration with enterprises     

  • Optimization of in-house logistics at the Troyes Hospital Centre, via a specially created software package used to measure and predict A & E incoming patients’ flow rates. Forecasting rate here is better than 90 %. Likewise, creation of another software package to manage delivery of medicine, meals and recovery of soiled linen, etc.
  • B in-packing problems (3D optimization of how and how many) objects can be placed/stored in a minimum number of boxes), with DS Smith, the European backpacking specialist, leader in cardboard box manufacturing.
  • Creation of the UTT Chair of Connected Innovation. This chair is devoted to developing new knowledge in the area of valorisation of data provided by logistic, production and market systems, with the prospect of optimizing performance levels. The Chair will propose aids to decision making that will enable the three partners and sponsors to face the challenges raised by the advent of the Factory of the Future (FoF), viz., Concerto – Kaufman & Broad Group, Norelem and the Chamber of Commerce & Industry (CCI) of the Aube Department.

Training packages

Enginnering diploma in

Industrial engineering

When training is completed, this category of engineer will be able to design and implement various industrial and logistic processes. He/she ensures a seamless transition to the Factory of the Future (FoF) configurations. He/she will plan production lines, optimize flow of matter, parts and goods and likewise guarantee correct operational functioning for plant installations and associated services. He/she will be able to control costs, improve performance ratings and to discuss/negotiate with the various players in the system as a whole (customers, suppliers, end-users). 3 professional elective specializations, focusing on logistics, system and service security, are offered:
  • On site, plant logistics and production
  • External logistic and transportation
  • Reliability, Availability, Maintenance and Safety
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Enginnering diploma in

Industrial automation, control and EDP

The professional responsibilities of these engineers will lie in designing innovative on-board systems and smart production systems. They must be able to intervene at any level of a production chain, and/or in the processing of associated data and in automated control processes. This specialist training course was created jointly by UTT-Troyes and URCA-Reims for the purpose of training engineers for the “Factory of the Future (FoF)”. 2 professional elective specializations focus on design of automated systems:
  • Smart production systems;
  • On-board technologies and Interoperability.
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Specialist Mastère

Manager for performance assesssment and industrial transformation

This specialist Mastère is intended to provide information for CEOs and those in charge of advising industrial groups and companies as they change and adopt today’s transition policies. The course covers the key issues of an industrial enterprise: societal and environmental responsibilities, staff and manpower management, budgetary control or operational excellence (lean management, continuous improvement). The students registered for this Mastère analyse the limits of current models and give thought to possible innovative solutions. The programme promotes collaborative co-working methods that are both creative and help make participants more aware of their future responsibilities.

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University Diploma (DU) in

Hospital EDP systems and logistics

The programme of this diploma focuses on hospital EDP systems and logistics. It enables the students to acquire specific skills for the implementation of complex EDP systems and logistics engineering. The programme is the result of close collaboration between UTT-Troyes and the Troyes Hospital Centre. It draws on the reality of health-care polices conducted in hospitals and opens the way to seeing future technologies coming into the health sector (devices like Radio-Frequency Identification (or RFID) tags), Internet of Things (IoT), flow modelling algorithms).

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Optimization and system security

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Date of update 02 septembre 2021