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Light, nanomaterials & nanotechnologies

Optics plays an important role within the fields of nanosciences and nanotechnologies. Extensive work carried out in near-field optics in the 1990s led to the birth of a new and dynamic branch of optics, known as nano-optics. This booming field deals with the understanding, control and exploitation of light-matter interaction at the nanometer scale (i.e. on a scale much smaller than the wavelength of the electromagnetic field involved). The ability to observe, manipulate, and structure light at this scale opens up a vast potential for research and new applications.

The laboratory Light, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies (L2n) aims at the developmet of nano-optics, which addresses a number of technological, scientific and socio-economic challenges. The L2n is a joint UTT/CNRS laboratory of more than 80 people comprising faculty membres, research and project engineers, technicians, post-doctorate fellows PhD students, graduate students and visitors. Researchers at the L2n work on new concepts and approaches, developing both innovative instrumentation and nanocharacterization and nanofabrication methods. Covering such fields as energy (lighting, photovoltaics, etc.), telecommunications, data storage, health and security, key socio-economic challenges are addressed through multidisciplinary research focus areas: plasmonics, integrated optics, optoelectronics, new spectroscopies and microscopies, multiphysics modeling, multi-functional nanosensors, nanobiophotonics and nanomaterials for photonics, quantum nanodevices, photochemistry and photophysics.


Laboratoire Lumière, nanomatériaux et nanotechnologies – L2n, Université de Technologie de Troyes & CNRS ERL 7004, 12 rue Marie Curie, CS 42060, 10004 Troyes Cedex, France                               

Laboratory Light, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies – L2n, University of Technology of Troyes & CNRS ERL 7004, 12 rue Marie Curie, CS 42060, 10004 Troyes Cedex, France