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Automatic Mesh Generation & Advanced Methods

Both science and engineering need complex, relevant and reliable models to understand, explain, predict and optimize. To be realistic, problems are often multi-scale and multi-physical. Indeed, objects of very different sizes and physical couplings such as solid mechanics and fluid dynamics, thermics, electromagnetism are considered. GAMMA3 is specialized in iterative processes that allow the progressive adaptation of numerical schemes during computation, in order to control the accuracy of the solutions and to ensure the correct resolution of the problem. Time-dependent problems are also addressed.

In addition to adaptive optimization and inverse problem solving methods, GAMMA3 has expertise in meshing and remeshing methods of the computational space, intended for the solution of partial differential equations by the Finite Element method or the Finite Volume method. The objective is always to be more efficient, faster and more accurate.


Research topics

Meshing Methodologies

  • Anisotropy, variable topology, mobile and deformable geometries
  • Higher order elements

Geometrical Modeling

  • Topological skeleton, characteristic lines, geometrical support
  • Specific geometries (granular structures, composites, …)
  • 3D reconstruction and modeling for 3D printing

Advanced Computation and Simulation

  • Mutiphysics and multiscales modeling, adaptive computation
  • Error estimation, Field interpolation
  • Optimization of systems, inverse problem resolution
  • Applications in fluid dymamics, solid mechanics, electromagnetics, energetics, material physics

Sino-French Institute of Computing Technology for Advanced Materials (CTAM)

Sino-French Institute of Computing Technology for Advanced Materials (CTAM) is a laboratory between  UTT/GAMMA3 and SJTU/SKLMMCs. It focuses on the modelling and simulation for advanced material. The CTAM is supported by advanced modelling technologies and numerical simulation tools in UTT/GAMMA3, and the advanced material preparations technologies and material test in SJTU/SKLMMCs. 

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Technological Platforms

GAMMA3 has two technological platforms. The first one is dedicated to the digitization of 3D objects with several tools in order to produce discrete geometries (point cloud) which are used for simulations. The second platform produces objects from 3D printers and thus simulations. The manufacturing process of hollowed objects with complex shapes is also addressed.


Date of update 19 février 2023