Factories of Future Champagne Ardenne Platform

As part of the industrial transition (Industry 4.0), the project Factories of the Future (Usines du Futur Champagne Ardenne FFCA) was carried by the University of Technology, Troyes (UTT) and the University of Reims Champagne Ardenne (URCA), and implemented by the Institute Services and Industry of the Future of Troyes ISIFT. It is a demonstrator that represents a real tool for research and support for companies and local actors, going as far as education and innovation practices, and which could also be a space for knowledge transmission and technological training.

It allows to animate a network structure of technological platforms and to position them thematically in relation to the Factory of the Future. This demonstrator also consists of covering all the themes of the Factory of the Future and not considering the new technologies as isolated bricks but, on the contrary, insisting on their articulation, and placing the Human being at the heart of the approach.

The project led to the creation of new platforms (PROBOT, EcoEnergie, HommeMachineCollab, Fabadditive) and to the redevelopment of the school factory (Usine Ecole), which underwent a technological and technical migration to a factory 4.0.

The FFCA project has already covered many topics. The PROBOT platform, composed of automated stacker cranes and AGVs equipped with COBOTs linking the stacker cranes, represents a case study on which several policies and algorithms for stock management and logistics can be applied in real time. This platform is supplied by objects coming from 3D printers (FabAdditive platform), from the Usine Ecole, as well as via the digital twin of the flexible cell (CellFlex) of the URCA.

This interconnection, both physical and virtual, between the different platforms makes it a true flexible line demonstrator.

The EcoEnergy platform enables the development of research on new products and manufacturing processes capable of reducing waste and increasing the energy efficiency of industrial companies.

The objective of the HommeMachineCollab platform is to work on technologies while studying the impact on society and vice versa.

Here are some figures of this demonstrator.
PROBOT platform (Global view)
PROBOT platform (Global view) - PROBOT platform (Global view)
PROBOT platform
PROBOT platform - PROBOT platform