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Lou is a PhD student at the CREIDD team of the laboratory InSyTE. She holds an engineering diploma on informational systems and a masters degree on sustainable development. She is currently in the last year of her PhD, which examines the coherence between a strong sustainable culture and technical tools (IT tools). Her work is anchored into sustainable sciences, more precisely on the link between socio-technical tools and ecological foundations. She is working with ecovillages and engineers engaged into sustainability.

The objective of her thesis is to identify whether changes iIT tools can have a ripple effect on value systems or even a change in the way individuals are in the world. The hypothesis that is made in her thesis is that it is possible, by modifying elements at the level of the man-machine interaction, to have an impact on the more structuring elements of an organization and even to a cultural change of individuals. The approach proposed in this thesis is to observe man-machine interactions to identify the consequences of these interactions at the organizational (mesoscopic) and cultural (macroscopic) levels. This potential capacity to generate change could be considered as a mechanism to define the relevance of an interaction tool for the sustainable transition.

Her PhD thesis is funded by the FEDER.

Academic activities

Scientific projects

  • 2019: Co-organizator of social experimentation in a rural area : the Grand Chambardement (see the project here). 
  • 2019: Specification of EcoCloud, a collaborative platform supported by the scientific network S-mart. Organization of workshops among different scientific communities in order to get the needs of the future end users of the platform.

Participation to scientific communities


  • Participation to a working group on the validation of research and the availability of research data. This working group published in CIRP DESIGN 2022 and organized a github platform where you can find research data form S-mart community.
  • Participation to the national conference of S-mart in 2019 and 2021.
    • Grimal, L., Troussier, N., & Di Loreto, I. (2021, March). Analyse exploratoire sur l'intérêt de l'informatique culturelle pour la conception d'IHM en ingénierie. In 17ème colloque national S-mart AIP-PRIMECA.
    • Grimal, L., di Loreto, I., & Troussier, N. (2019, April). Digital transformation as an opportunity for life cycle assessment. In 16ème Colloque National S-mart.

Société Informatique de France

Sustainability Lab

  • 2021 - 2022 : PhD student representative at the European University of technology (EUt+)
  • Organization of the Winter Seminar 2021 and participation to the scientific animation in general


  • 2020-2022: PhD student representative at the Scientific Council of the University of technology of Troyes (UTT)
  • Organiation of PubliER 2022
  • Organization of 3S Seminar 2020
  • 2019: Participation to a network working on changing engineering cursus in order to better address environmental and social issues (presentation of the work can be found here)
  • Vulgarisation paper in Micado Magasine

Teaching activities

  • Tutorials on life cycle assessment. The objective of the course is to master the implementation of a life cycle assessment approach: understanding the methodology, tools and databases, impact indicators. tools and databases, impact indicators. (38 students in Fall 2020, Fall 2021 and Fall 2022)
  • Tutorials and courses on the representation of human - technical system - nature interactions. The objective of this lecture is to model the interactions between technical systems, human systems and natural systems at several spatio-temporal scales. These representations allow engineers to understand the planetary limits, the fundamental human needs, and the functioning of socio-technical organizations within these limits and needs. This is a preliminary to design and evolve socio-technical systems in a responsible way, avoiding rebound effects. (58 students, Fall 2021 and Fall 2022)
  • Workshop "Which ecology of computer science?" - a 3 hours workshop to provide to students an understand of the 3 ecologies of Felix Guatari to 1st-year engineering students (20 students)
  • Support to master students who were in internship in ecovillages (2 students, final engineering internship).
  • Support to student groups for projects on collaborative platform development


International conferences (review committee)

  • Grimal, L., Di Loreto, I., & Troussier, N. (2021). EXPLORATORY RESEARCH ON CULTURAL COMPUTING FOR HUMAN-COMPUTER INTERACTION. THE CASE OF SUSTAINABILITY. Proceedings of the Design Society, 1, 1471-1480. doi:10.1017/pds.2021.408
  • L. Grimal, C. Gillot, T. Reyes, N. Troussier, P. Marty, and S. Brullot, ‘DESCRIPTIVE STUDY OF THE INTEGRATION OF SUSTAINABILITY IN AN ENGINEERING COURSE’, presented at the 23rd International Conference on Engineering & Product Design Education (E\&PDE 2021), 2021. doi: 10.35199/EPDE.2021.80.
  • Grimal, Lou, Pauline Marty, Santiago Perez, Nadège Troussier, Catherine Perpignan, and Tatiana Reyes. "Case study: located pedagogical situations to improve global sustainable skills in engineering education and universities." Procedia CIRP 90 (2020): 766-771.
  • Grimal, Lou, Jules Baudry, Pelgrim Charraud, Rémi Céret, and Nadège Troussier. "EXPLORATORY RESEARCH TO BETTER UNDERSTAND THE DIFFICULTIES OF TAKING SUSTAINABILITY INTO ACCOUNT IN THE EVOLUTION OF ENGINEERING EDUCATION AND TRAINING." In DS 104: Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Engineering and Product Design Education (EPDE 2020), VIA Design, VIA University in Herning, Denmark. 10th-11th September 2020. 2020

Un-conferences and workshops (international, review committee)

  • Grimal, L., Loreto, I. di, Burger, N., & Troussier, N. (2021). Design of an interdisciplinary evaluation method for multi-scaled sustainability of computer-based projects. Workshop on Computing within Limits. https://doi.org/10.21428/bf6fb269.2ee80cf1
  • Claudine Gillot, Lou Grimal (April 2021). Let’s discover interdisciplinarity through artistic representation (workshop), Actionable Science for Urban Sustainability conference 2021 (AScUS 2021)

Guest lectures


  • How to review an article? Workshop of 2 hours to guide PhD students in the understand of the reviewing process - 19 participants de 4 pays (Irlande, Allemagne, Espagne, France), specialised audience (Mach 2022)
  • Presentation ”European alliances: new spaces for research” - 40 participants, specialised audience (February 2022)
  • Panel discussion ”Continuity and Adaptability in Design and Engineering Education” - Ana Paula Nazaré De Freitas (Pará State University, Brésil), Lou Grimal (Université de Technologie de Troyes), Virginie Tessier (Université de Montréal), Timothy Whitehead (Aston University) - The 23rd international conference on E&PDE - 35 participants, specialised audience (September 2021)


  • Panel discussion ”S’inspirer d’expériences dans d’autres établissements autour des thématiques DDRS” - Jean-Pierre Cloarec
    (Ecole Centrale de Lyon), Olivier Hamant (ENS Lyon), Lou Grimal (Université de Technologies de Troyes) - 160 participants,
    specialised audience (February 2021).
Date of update 13 avril 2022