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What's up doc conference
What's up doc conference

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About me

I am a second year PhD student at the CREIDD team of the laboratory InSyTE. Before my PhD, I have been studying computer science and informational systems in an engineering curriculum. Also, I got a master degree in management of sustainable development.
Feel free to contact me for any question!

Research activities

Research Areas

The objective of my thesis is to identify whether changes in human-computer interaction can have a ripple effect on value systems or even a change in the way individuals are in the world. The hypothesis that is made in this thesis is that it is possible, by modifying elements at the level of the man-machine interaction, to have an impact on the more structuring elements of an organization and even to a cultural change of individuals. The approach proposed in this thesis is to observe man-machine interactions to identify the consequences of these interactions at the organizational (mesoscopic) and cultural (macroscopic) levels. This potential capacity to generate change could be considered as a mechanism to define the relevance of an interaction tool for the sustainable transition.

This project is funded by the FEDER.

Academic activities

Scientific projects

  • 2019: Co-organizator of social experimentation in a rural area : the Grand Chambardement (see the project here). 
  • 2019: Specification of EcoCloud, a collaborative platform supported by the scientific network S-mart. Organization of workshops among different scientific communities in order to get the needs of the future end users of the platform.

Other activities

  • 2020-2021: PhD student representative on the UTT Scientific Council
  • 2019: Participation to a network working on changing engineering cursus in order to better address environmental and social issues (presentation of the work can be found here)

Organization of seminars

Teaching activities

  • Tutorials on life cycle assessment
  • Support to student groups for projects on collaborative platform development
  • Tutorials and courses on the representation of human - technical system - nature interactions