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Contact details

Université de Technologie de Troyes, France
+33 325 715 649
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Research topics

  • System reliability modeling and lifetime prognosis
  • Stochastic degradation modeling
  • Predictive maintenance policies
  • Prognosis and predictive maintenance of dynamic systems
  • Safety instrumented systems

Selected publications

Peer-reviewed articles
  • Yves Langeron, Antoine Grall, Anne Barros. A modeling framework for deteriorating control system and predictive maintenance of actuators. Reliability Engineering & System Safety 2015
  • Yves Langeron, Tuan Huynh Khac, Antoine Grall. A root location-based framework for degradation modeling of dynamic systems with predicitive maintenance perspective. Journal of Risk and Reliability 2020
  • Yves Langeron, Antoine Grall, Anne Barros. Joint maintenance and controller reconfiguration policy for a gradually deteriorating control system. Journal of Risk and Reliability 2017
  • Yves Langeron, Antoine Grall, Anne Barros. Actuator health prognosis for designing LQR control in feedback systems. Chemical Engineering Transactions 2013
  • Yves Langeron, Anne Barros, Antoine Grall, Christophe Bérenguer. Combination of safety integrity levels (SILs). A study of IEC61508 merging rules. Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries 2008
  • Yves Langeron, Michel Doussot, Jacques Dûchéne. Classifying NIR spectra of textile products with kernel methods. Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence 2007
Conference proceedings
  • Yves Langeron, Tuan Huynh Khac, Antoine Grall. Degradation and maintenance modeling of dynamic systems. ESREL 2020 PSAM'15 Safety & Reliability conference. November 2020 - Venice, Italy
  • Yves Langeron, Antoine Grall, Christophe Bérenguer. Improvement of condition-based maintenance for a guaranteed level of service on a fleet of equipment. PGMO days Fondation Hadamard. December 2019 - EDF Lab Paris Saclay
  • Hao La Tran Minh, Tuan Huynh Khac, Yves Langeron, Antoine Grall. Dégradation d'un système dynamique: modélisation dans le plan complexe. Congrés Lambda Mu Maîtrise des risques et Sûreté de Fonctionnement. October 2018 - Reims,  France
  • Tuan Huynh Khac, Yves Langeron, Antoine Grall. Degradation modeling and RUL estimation of deteriorating systems in s-plane. IFAC World Congress 2017 - Toulouse, France.
  • Yves Langeron, Anne Barros. Maintenance of a deteriorating control system based upon controller reconfiguration. ESREL 2015 Safety & Reliability conference. September 2015 - Zurich, Switzerland
  • Yves Langeron, Mitra Fouladirad, Antoine Grall. Control systems, failure prediction and maintenance.MMR Mathematical Methods in Reliability. June 2015 - Tokyo, Japan.

Degradation modeling and maintenance of a dynamic system in automotive industry

A root location-based framework for degradation modeling of dynamic systems with predictive maintenance perspective
  1. Let a system described with a differential equation or more generaly with a state-space representation.
  2. The system behavior is altered due to intrinsic stochastic degradation phenomena. Here, it can be seen four possible evolutions with time of the system main root in the complex plane. The root evolves randomly reflecting the loss of system performance. The circle stands for the healthy operating zone.
  3. Instead of a bivariate modeling in the complex plane, the stochastic trajectories in step 2 are modeled with a non-linear univariate diffusion process in time domain. 
  4. Finally, the prognosis of the system remaining useful life is derived as well as two predictive maintenance policies.
  5. Optimizing of such policies allows to maintain systems at lower cost in an economic and sustainable manner without costly monitoring equipment.


Date of update 19 mars 2024