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Biographical Information

Dr. Youcef BOUZIDI is an associate professor in Interdisciplinary research on transition towards sustainable socio-technical systems (CREIDD), Department of Humanities, Environment & Information Technology (HETIC) at University of Technology of Troyes (UTT).

Professional activities

  • Project manager for the energy transition of the University of technology of Troyes.
  • Project manager for a solar farm and low carbon experimental building at UTT.
  • In charge of the university diploma “business manager in renewable energy projects” in partnership with the business school "SupdeCO" in Dakar (Senegal) since 2019.
  • Development of energy and building research policy at Engineering School EPF from 2015 to 2017.
  • In charge of the bachelor’s degrees in ”energy management and renewable energy” since 2009
  • Head of the specialty “environment and Energy “ at the Engineering School EPF of Sceaux, near Paris from 2009 to 2012.
  • Head of Master in industrial ecology and sustainable development from 2001 to 2006.
  • PhD in sciences for engineering in clean combustion and pyrolysis of biomass and coal.

Research interests

His research activities are been structured around the solutions adopted and encouraged by circular economy in order to supply answers to industrial policy within the framework of a sustainable development. More recently, he conducts new energy models allowing sustainable energy couplings within industrial systems and urban territories. At the same time, he is studying urban thermal comfort and the adaptability of territories to global warming in a context of depletion of energy resources.

These approaches to the changes in industrial and territorial trajectories due to the ecological and energy transition that are taking place, have led him to carry out research in the areas below.

  • Environmental Assessment: Industrial ecology, Material and Energy flow analysis, Life Cycle Analysis and Life Cycle Costing, Ecological Footprint, quantification and effect of GHG, help for implementation of Environmental Management Systems.
  • Energy: territorial energy policy, thermal confort, Energy recovery, energy diagnoses and audits.. Implementation of renewable energy (solar, wind, biomass...)
  • Waste management: waste disposal facilities, New ways and methods of recycling, End of life of product (dismantling and recycling), Recycling of Leds, concrete and composite materials,
  • Optimisation, modelisation and software: dynamic systems analysis by systemic approach, uncertainties treatment by fuzzy logic... LCA and energy software, Simulink...

Publication: Many conferences, posters and papers in national and international reviews
See : https://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/search/index/?q=Youcef+Bouzidi

Others activities

  • Member of International Society of Industrial Ecology, SETAC and French Society of thermic
  • Member of scientific and organizational committees for several conferences.
  • Member of the governing board of the UTT.
Date of update 13 janvier 2022