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UTT engineering school

Undergraduate courses:

Graduate courses: Responsible of the RAMS teaching specialty within the Industrial Engineering major.

UTT Master degree in Optimization and Systems Safety (OSS) :

UTSEUS engineering school (Sino-European engineering school based at Shanghai University)

  • Numerical Analysis: Cours
  • Algorithmics
  • Quality Management
  • Linear Algebra
  •  Industrial risk and maintenance management

Previous graduate courses: Econometry, Data mining, Statistical Methods, Random processes.


Main Research Interests

My research deals with statistical models for time series, with applications in reliability engineering, maintenance analysis and extreme value theory.

I consider stochastic processes in order to model multifactorial failure mechanisms (early life, ageing, maintenance-induced) for multicomponent systems (with functional and structural dependencies) subjected to multiple maintenance actions (corrective, planned preventive, condition-based, predictive or prescriptive). Maintenance efficiencies and maintenance dependencies are commonly characterized in my publications by virtual age assumptions and competing risks, respectively.

Recently, I have focused my research on developing lifetime distributions based on the continuous iteration of exponential-type functions. In addition, I have proposed several indices for the characterization of the tail-heaviness of distributions which provide numerous developments and applications in extreme value analysis.

Research topics

  • Imperfect repair, virtual age models.
  • Statistical estimation (frequentist and Bayesian inference).
  • Characterization of the tails (tetration indices).
  • Competing risks in maintenance analysis.
  • Criteria for model selection.
  • Lifetime prognosis.
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling optimization.

Recent publications

Y. Dijoux. "Construction of the tetration distribution based on the continuous iteration of the exponential-minus-one function ", Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industry , 2020. TetrationBasicR

X.Liu, M. Finkelstein, J. Vatn, Y. Dijoux.  "Steady-state imperfect repair models ", European Journal of Operational Research 2020.

D.T. Nguyen, Y. Dijoux, M. Fouladirad, "Analytical properties of an imperfect repair model and application in preventive maintenance scheduling", European Journal of Operational Research, 256(2), pp. 439-453, 2017

Y. Dijoux, M. Fouladirad, D.T. Nguyen, "Statistical inference for imperfect maintenance models with missing data", Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 154, pp. 84-96, 2016.

I. Dewan, Y. Dijoux, "Modelling repairable systems with an early life under competing risks and asymmetric virtual age", Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 144, pp. 215-224, 2015.

Y. Dijoux, M. Fouladirad, D.T. Nguyen, "Bayesian Analysis of the Brown-Proschan model", Economic Quality Control, 30(1), pp. 9-20, 2015.

Y. Dijoux, O. Gaudoin, "Generalized random sign and alert delay models for imperfect maintenance", Lifetime Data Analysis, 20, pp. 185-209, 2014.

Y. Dijoux, E. Idée, "Classes of Virtual Age Models Adapted to Systems With a Burn-In Period", IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 62 (4), pp. 754-763, 2013.

E. Deloux, Y. Dijoux, M. Fouladirad : "Generalization of the Proportional Hazards model for maintenance modelling and optimization", Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part O : Journal of Risk and Reliability, 226 (5), pp. 439-447, 2012.

Recent Communications

January 2020 : Y. Dijoux, "Construction de lois de probabilité à l'aide de l'itérée continue de fonctions exponentielles. Caractérisation d'un indice de traîne", Séminaire de l'équipe LJK, Grenoble, France.

September 2019 : X. Liu, Y. Dijoux, J. Vatn, "On the Approximation of Superimposed Renewal Processes", 29th European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2019, Hannover, Germany.

June 2019 : X. Liu, Y. Dijoux, "Virtual Age Process: Dependence Structure and Asymptotic Behaviors", 11th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Reliability, MMR 2019, Hong Kong.

September 2016 : D.N. Nguyen, E. Grall, P. Beauseroy, E. Deloux, Y. Dijoux, G. Malarange, " Evaluation of the impact of intermittent sources on smart grid equipments", 26th European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2016, Glasgow, UK.

September 2016 : Y. Dijoux, A. Grall, S.H. Le, " As Good As Looking New Maintenances", 26th European Safety and Reliability Conference, ESREL 2016, Glasgow, UK.

August 2015: I. Dewan, Y. Dijoux, "Dependence and maintenance of series repairable systems", 21st ISSAT International Conference on Reliability and Quality in Design, Philadelphie, USA.

June 2015: F. Corset, Y. Dijoux : "A better-than-new repair model", 9th International Conference on Mathematical Methods in Reliability, MMR 2015, Tokyo, Japon.

January 2015: D.T. Nguyen, Y. Dijoux, M. Fouladirad, "On application of an imperfect repair model in maintenance scheduling", 61st Annual Reliability and Maintainability Symposium, RAMS 2015, Palm Harbor, USA.

PhD supervision

Yacine Guessoum (EDF& Ministry of Research grant, 2009-2012): "Probabilistic modeling of the impact of maintenance actions on the behavior of electrical networks". Co-advised with Anne Barros and Antoine Grall.

Perrine Broy (EDF& Ministry of Research grant, 2010-2014): "Safety Assessment of Complex Hybrid Dynamic Systems. Application to Hydraulic Systems". Co-advised with Christophe Bérenguer (Grenoble INP), Roland Donat (EDF R&D) and Hassane Chraibi (EDF R&D).

Dinh Tuan Nguyen (2012-2015): "Asymptotical properties and statistical inference under missing data for imperfect maintenance models". Co-advised with Mitra Fouladirad.

Xingheng Liu (2017-2020) : "On the Approximation of Superimposed Renewal Processes based on virtual age and copulas". Co-adivsed with Jørn Vatn (NTNU, Norway).


ANR project AMMSI : French National Research Agency project in partnership with Grenoble University, Pau University, the University of Franche-Comté, SNCF and EDF. The aim of the project is to enhance innovative developements in the field of statistical models in maintenance analysis.

ADEME project Venteea: Smart-Grid project focused on the integration of wind energy in medium voltage distribution networks. Study of the impact of the new voltage regulation on the ageing and maintenance of electric power distribution systems.


Je suis né à Saint-Pierre de la Réunion en 1982. Diplômé de l'ENSIMAG et du Master Recherche en Mathématiques Appliquées de l'Université Joseph Fourier en 2004, j'ai effectué ma thèse au Laboratoire Jean Kuntzmann sous la direction d'Olivier Gaudoin de 2004 à 2008. Après un post-doctorat effectué à l'Université de Strathclyde à Glasgow au sein de l'équipe Management Science, je suis depuis octobre 2009 enseignant-chercheur à l'Université de Technologie de Troyes dans l'équipe LM2S.

Date of update 04 février 2022