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12, Rue Marie. 10300 Troyes
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Currently: Graph theory, Multicriteria decision making and game theory, Transportation and distribution logistics, Numerical analysis and optimization,

Previously: Stochastic processes, Introduction to operations research, Production and inventory management, Modeling and performance evaluation tools, Linear algebra, Design of experiments.

Operations Research, Mathematical modeling, design of metaheuristics, Stochastic optimization.

Transportation and Distribution problems, Supply Chain Management, Rich vehicle routing problems.


  • Head of “Industrial Engineering” department (more than 300 students, since 2018)
  • Head of the Master specialty “Optimization and Systems Safety” (25 students, from 2014 to 2018).
  • Elected member of  scientific council of UTT (since 2017)
  • Elected member of Computer Science and Digital Society Laboratory council (since 2021).


Selected Publications ( Journal papers, since 2016):

  • S.R. Ait-Haddadene; N. Labadie; C. Prodhon. Bicriteria Vehicle Routing Problem with Preferences and Timing Constraints in Home Health Care Services. Algorithms, MDPI, 12(8) :152, 2019
  • A. Pirabán, W. J. Guerrero, N. Labadie. Survey on blood supply chain management: Models and methods. Computers & Operations Research, 112: 104756, 2019. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cor.2019.07.014.
  • V. Borodin, J. Bourtembourg, F. Hnaien, N. Labadie. COTS software integration for simulation optimization coupling: Case of ARENA and CPLEX products, International Journal of Modelling and Simulation, 39 (5): 178-189, 2019,
  • L. Drugbert, N. Labadie, M. Tixier, AidAdom : A new web platform for inter-organizational home health care and services coordination. Innovation and Research in Biomedical Engineering, 39(6): 386-393, 2018.
  • A. F. Gutierrez, L. Dieulle, N. Labadie and N. Velasco. A multi-population algorithm to solve the VRP with stochastic service and travel times, Computers & Industrial Engineering, 125: 144-156, 2018.
  • A. F. Gutierrez, L. Dieulle, N. Labadie and N. Velasco. A Hybrid metaheuristic algorithm for the vehicle routing problem with stochastic demands, Computers & Operations Research, 99: 135-147, 2018
  • Valeria Borodin, Hichem Snoussi, Faicel Hnaien, Nacima Labadie. Signal processing on graphs: Case of sampling in Paley-Wiener spaces, Signal Processing, 152: 130-140, 2018.
  • N. Zandi Atashbar, N. Labadie, Christian Prins. Modeling and optimization of biomass supply chains: a review. International Journal of Production Research: 56 (10): 3482-3506, 2017.
  • S.R Ait-Haddadene, N. Labadie, C. Prodhon. A GRASP - ILS for the vehicle routing problem with time windows, synchronization and precedence constraints. Expert System with Application, 66: 274-294, 2016.
  • E. Lopez-Santana, R. Akhavan-Tabatabaei, L. Dieulle, N. Labadie, A. L. Medaglia. On the combined maintenance and routing optimization problem. Reliability Engineering and System Safety, 145: 199-214, 2016.
  • V. Borodin, J. Bourtembourg, F. Hnaien, and N. Labadie. Handling uncertainty in agricultural supply chain management : a state of the art. European Journal of Operational Research, 254 (2): 348-359, 2016.
  • V. Borodin, A. Dolgui, F. Hnaien, and N. Labadie. Component replenishment planning for single level assembly system under random lead times: a chance constrained programming approach. International Journal of Production Economics, 181: 79-86, 2016.
  • V. Borodin, J. Bourtembourg, F. Hnaien, N. Labadie. Predictive modelling with panel data and multivariate adaptive regression splines : case of farmers crop delivery for a harvest season ahead. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 30(1): 309-325, 2016.
Date of update 17 février 2022