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Contact details


Research Interests

  • Production planning and scheduling
  • Inventory, lot sizing models
  • Supply chain, reverse logistic optimisation
  • Operation research, linear and non-linear model, exact and approximate methods.

Main Research Projects

  • Supply chain planning optimisation under energy effiency constraint, PhD supervisor of Hong Nguyen NGUYEN, Region-European funding, nov. 2021.
  • Optimisation of resources sizing and planning in hospital logistic with working condition considerations. PhD supervisor of Fatima Abderrabi, collaborative project Troyes Hospital and UTT, nov. 2018 - nov 2021.
  • Reverse supply chain optimisation for end-life-product value recovery. PhD supervisor of Meisam Pour-Massahian-Tafti, Region-European funding, dec. 2017- jan. 2021.
  • Reverse logistic optimisation and disassembly scheduling, PhD supervisor of Mustapha Hrouga, National-Regional funding, 2012-2016.


  • Integrated logistic support and after-sales logistic
  • Automatism and discrete events systems
  • Operations research, performance evaluation, decision support systems, inventory management

Recent Publications

  • Pour-Massahian-Tafti, M., Godichaud, M., and Amodeo, L. Disassembly EOQ models with Price-Sensitive Demands, Applied Mathematical Modelling, 88, 810-826, 2020..
  • Pour-Massahian-Tafti, M., Godichaud, M., and Amodeo, New Models and Efficient Methods for Disassembly Lot Sizing Problem with Surplus Inventory Decisions, International Journal of Production Research, 2020, DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2020.1829148.
  • Godichaud, M., and Amodeo, L. (2020). Inventory model for disassembly systems with price dependant return rate, 21st IFAC World Congress, Berlin, 2020.
  • Godichaud, M. and Amodeo, L. (2018). Economic order quantity for multistage disassembly systems. International Journal of Production Economics, 199, 16-25.
  • Godichaud, M. and Amodeo, L. (2019). EOQ inventory models for disassembly systems with disposal and lost sales. International Journal of Production Research, 57(18), 5685-5704.
  • Abderrabi F, Godichaud M, Yalaoui A, Yalaoui F, Amodeo L, Qerimi A, Thivet E. Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Problem with Sequence Dependent Setup Time and Job Splitting: Hospital Catering Case Study. Applied Sciences. 2021; 11(4) : 1504.
Date of update 12 février 2022