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M. Faicel HNAIEN

Assoicate Professor--LIST3N

Contact details

LIST3N-LOSI- UTT * 12 rue Marie Curie * CS 42060 * 10004 TROYES CEDEX


  • Project management
  • Operation research
  • Production research managent
  • Simulation
  • Graph Theory and Management project at UTSEUS (Shanghai)
  • Scheduling
  • SAP

Research Interests

  • Planning and  inventory control under uncertainties
  • Scheduling with maintenance
  • Optimization in wireless sensor networks


Google Scholar : https://scholar.google.fr/citations?user=9r7dXn8AAAAJ&hl=fr

  • 1 Pattern
  • 32 refereed journal papers
  • 3 book chapters
  • 72 conference papers

Refereed Journal Papers (most recent)

  1. Ben-Ammar O., Castagliola P., Dolgui A., Hnaien F. (2020). A hybrid genetic algorithm for a multilevel assembly replenishment planning problem with stochastic lead times, Computers & Industrial Engineering 149, 106794 (JCR).
  2. Afsar, H.-M., Hnaien F. (2020). Formulations and solutions algorithms for dynamic assembly routing problem, International Journal of Production Research 58 (3), 671-688
  3. Afsar, H.-M., Ben-Ammar, O., Dolgui, A., and Hnaien, F. (2020). Supplier replacement model in a one-level assembly system under lead-time uncertainty.AppliedScience, 10(3366) :1–21.
  4. Ho, M. H., Hnaien, F., and Dugardin, F. (2020). Electricity cost minimisation for optimal makespan solution in flow shop scheduling under time-of-use tariffs.Interna-tional Journal of Production Research, pages 1–27 (JCR).
  5. Borodin, V., Bourtembourg, J., Hnaien, F., and Labadie, N. (2019). Cots software integration for simulation optimization coupling : case of arena and cplex products.International Journal of Modelling and Simulation, 39(3) :178–189 (JCR).
  6. Benttaleb, M., Hnaien, F., and Yalaoui, F. (2018). Two-machine job shop problem under availability constraints on one machine : Makespan minimization.Computers& Industrial Engineering, 117 :138–151 (JCR).
  7. Borodin, V., Snoussi, H., Hnaien, F., and Labadie, N. (2018). Signal processing ongraphs : Case of sampling in paley–wiener spaces.Signal Processing, 152 :130–140(JCR).
  8. Benttaleb, M., Hnaien, F., and Yalaoui, F. (2019). Minimising the makespan in thetwo-machine job shop problem under availability constraints.International Journalof Production Research, 57(5) :1427–1457 (JCR).
  9. Murat Afsar, H. and Hnaien,F. (2019). Formulations and solution algorithms fordynamic assembly routing problem.International Journal of Production Research,pages 1–18 (JCR).
  10. Hnaien,F. and Murat, A. (2017). Robust single-item lot-sizing problems withdiscrete-scenario lead time.International Journal of Production Economics,185 :223 – 229 (JCR).
  11. Borodin, V., Bourtembourg, J., Hnaien,F., and Labadie, N. (2016a). Handlinguncertainty in agricultural supply chain management : A state of the art.EuropeanJournal of Operational Research, 254(2) :348 – 359 (JCR).
  12. Borodin, V., Dolgui, A., Hnaien,F., and Labadie, N. (2016b). Replenishment plan-ning for single level assembly system under random component lead times : a chanceconstrained programming approach.International Journal of Production Economics(JCR)
Date of update 18 février 2022