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About me

I am a second years PhD student at the CREIDD team of the laboratory InSyTE. I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in life sciences and a Master's degree in engineering and management of the environment and sustainable development. I did my end-of-study internship at the CREIDD team on an inter-UTs project: AP4FuturProd. The objective of the internship was to propose and test a methodology for identify and structure scientific productions that were related to industrial change, or more commonly known as the "factory of the future". During this internship I was also involved in the social experiment "the Grand Chambardement". I found it very interesting, so I continued working on this project by doing a civic service. As I enjoy research as well as working for and on a territory, I decided to do a thesis.

Research interests

Sustainable territorial development, waste management, social innovation and complex socio-technical systems, systemic, territorial innovation, participatory democracy, industrial and territorial ecology.

Research project

This thesis project was created within the framework of a collaboration between UTT and Veolia on the Valaubia project. The aim was to have a research subject anchored in a local in situ analysis, dealing with cross-cutting issues on the global scale of the group.
Valaubia is a waste-to-energy unit, which will be operational in 2021 at La Chapelle-Saint-Luc, and will receive household waste from the Aube department.
The implementation of waste incinerators in territories raises a wide variety of issues that involve scientific, technological, historical, cultural, political and economic questions. But the first question could be asked simply: what does an incinerator do to a territory or what does the territory do to an incinerator? If a waste-to-energy plant is located in a territory, how can it be integrated into the territory? The territory has both a natural and a technical dimension, both physical and social, and it is this "both” that constitutes the heart of the problem.
In this thesis, it will be a question of analyzing and evaluating the commissioning of Valaubia in its project "at the service of the territory". This thesis project therefore aims to understand and measure the service provided by the incinerator to the territory, in all its complexity.

Academic activities

  • Co-organizer of 3S Seminar 2021 (on-line)

  • PhD student representative on the UTT Scientific Council since December 2020

Teaching activities

  • Biochemical cycle (UE EV14)
  • Ecology (UE EV14)
  • Monitoring of student projects on corporate social responsibility (UE EP01)