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M. Antoine GRALL

Full professor / Professeur des Universités Director of doctoral school 361 "Science for Engineers''

Contact details

LIST3N - Université of Technologie de Troyes, 12 rue Marie Curie - CS 42060. 10004 Troyes cedex - France

PhD Opportunity
PhD Opportunity

Ph.D. Position 



Mathematics, reliability theory and maintenance modeling

  • Linear algebra mathematics - undergraduate. 

  • Mathematics for engineers (optimization, least square problems, linear systems, convolution, Laplace transform) - Engineering degree/undergraduate

  • Systems reliability theory  - Engineering degree/graduate

  • Models for reliability and maintenance - Master degree/graduate

  • Maintenance modeling for deteriorating systems - PhD level

( RAMS specialization for Industrial Engineering at UTT)

Research :

Reference topic : «Dependability» - Stochastic modeling for reliability and maintenance .

Competence and interests

  • Maintenance modeling: condition-based and predictive maintenance (dynamic on-line decision rules, assessment and optimisation, lifetime pronostic)

  • Stochastic dégradation modeling of systems and structures : wear, gradual deterioration, stochastic processes. 

  • Reliability  of complex systems: Probabilistic Safety Assessment, Common Cause Failures modeling.

Keywords :maintenance, reliability, dependability, on-line monitoring, prognosis, stochastic modeling framework. 


  • Adaptive condition-based and predictive maintenance policies
  • Imperfect maintenance fro deteriorating systems
  • Reliability assessment of autonomous vehicles
  • Predictive  maintenance of wind turbine pitch control system
  • Maintenance of deteriorating control systems
  • Maintenance of a fleet of items
  • Maintenance of production systems (Factory of the Future)

Main Academic duties:

2022 - : Director of the doctoral school "Science for Engineers"

2020 - 2023 : Head of the "Dependability: Reliability and Maintenance " Scientific Axis of LIST3N

2017 - 2022 : Deputy director of the doctoral school "Science for Engineers"

2006 - 2019 : Head of the "Reliability and Maintenance" Research group of LM2S

2006 - 2016: Head of ROSAS department (Operation Research, Applied Statistics, Simulation)

2003 - 2011: Responsible of the specialization "Operational safety, Risks and Environment" (RAMS) for engineers in Industrial Engineering


Professeur des Universités
Date of update 13 mai 2024