The aim of this research topic is two-folded. First, it provides a plethora of computing tools, based on semi-analytical or rigorous numerical methods like, for example, Mie Theory, Berreman 4x4 Matrix Method, the Finite-Differences Time-Domain Method (FDTD), the Boundary-Elements Method (BEM) or the Fourier Modal Method (FMM) that serves to foresee and characterize the behavior of a particular experiment conducted within the frame of any of the other research topic in the L2n. Also, an important amount of work has been devoted over the past years to explore the possibilities and limitations of meta-heuristic optimization techniques and artificial intelligence for the solution inverse or optimization problems in nano optics.
On the other hand, some representative research activities conducted in this topic are focused on the study of problems related to the description of the dielectric constant of metals, or biological structures, and the design of optimal all-dielectric or hybrid meta-surfaces for applications in color reproduction, to mention but few examples.

Specific research topics and applications

  • Dispersion models (leader: A. Vial, L. Le Cunff)
  • Color reproduction (leader: D. Macias, S. Blaize, A. Vial)
  • Inverse and optimization problems (leader: D. Macias)