Leading scientist: Davy Gérard


In this research topic, we aim at using the intense and confined electromagnetic fields around optical nanoantennas to control light-matter interactions at the nanoscale. For instance, nanoantennas can be used to enhance the fluorescence emission from quantum emitters, to detect nearby molecules, or to trigger photochemical reactions. We hence work on the design and fabrication of nanoantennas (either plasmonic or dielectric), on functionalization techniques to graft molecules on nanostructures, and on experimental techniques to characterize the optical response of the resulting hybrid systems (including extinction and scattering spectroscopies, near-field optical imaging, and photochemical imaging). 


  • hybrid and molecular plasmonics (leading scientist: J. Proust)
  • UV plasmonics (leading scientist: J. Martin)
  • new materials for plasmonics (leading scientist: J. Plain)
  • polymer nanomaterials: functionalization, micro/nano photostructuring (leading scientist: S. Jradi)
  • chiral plasmonics (leading scientist: D. Gérard)
  • collective resonances in arrays of nanostructures (leading scientist: D. Gérard)
  • plasmon-based nanophotochemistry (leading scientist: R. Bachelot)
  • advanced hybrid plasmonic nanosources (leading scientist: R. Bachelot) 
  • smart lighting devices (leading scientist: A-L. Baudrion)


Laboratoire de Physique des Solides, STEM group, Orsay (M. Kociak)
Qihua Xiong's group at NTU, Singapore
ITODYS at Université Paris Diderot
Date of update 27 janvier 2022