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Nano-PHOT Graduate School (EUR)

In collaboration with the CNRS (French National Center for Scientific Research) and the University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne (URCA), the University of Technology at Troyes (UTT), via its research laboratory Light, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies (L2n), leads a new graduate school, called Nano-Phot, which is a five-year graduate program dedicated to nano-optics and nanophotonics.

The Nano-Phot Graduate School (GS) aims at offering an unparalleled programme of excellence, with an international dimension and in direct contact with scientific and socioeconomic stakes related to the use of light, on a nanometric scale and in a sustainable development approach.

The Nano-Phot GS will bring a genuine structuration in UTT at Troyes and URCA at Reims sites by providing a new coherence to optics, photonics and nanotechnology courses and bringing it into line with the structuration of research by involving 4 CNRS units. Nano-Phot’s research program is focused on 4 themes: nano-optics emerging materials, nano(spectro)scopy and nanosensors, nano-optics fundamental phenomena and nanofabrication for nano-optics. The participation of the world’s best experts, the involvement of students in research projects starting from the first semester of master and students’ mentoring handled by a research professor and a doctoral student, will fulfil the objective of generating more doctorate students and attracting the best international students. The purpose of the GS is to generalise dual degrees’ curriculums, using the large network of international universities which will be extended by looking within G8 countries as well as emerging countries whose interest in high-tech is growing.

More informations on https://nano-phot.utt.fr 

Date of update 01 juin 2021