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Research activities

In my research, I sought to understand the mechanism of integrating Design for sustainability through learning. This work focused on three main lines of research:

  • Mechanisms for learning environmental knowledge
  • The flow of environmental information vertically and horizontally during the deisgn process
  • The evaluation of sustainability maturity issues in companies

These lines of research were developed with a multi-scale spatio-temporal vision of the integration of DFS and a systemic, global, dynamic and built in the long term.
However, I have identified a key limitation to this learning approach which is the disjunction between the interests, commitment and integration of SD issues in design.
For this reason, today I explore, in my research work, ways to create fertile soil at the level of society that could serve as a catalyst for a deeper change in our society. I think that the problem of non-alignment between man and nature must be solved by an evolution of man, and therefore of these universal values, these commitments and these behaviors.
Which brings me to modify my research. Now, I put in the heart of my reflection the man of this society, and more particularly the designers. I am interested in them for two reasons:

  • Will reduce the delay in activating a deeper change of one generation
  • This designer who already plays a role of creator of the solutions of societal challenges will be able to orient the industrial system to its transformation towards the SD and to participate in the diffusion of the universal values ​​in the society.

For this reason, I am interested in developing knowledge to integrate into product design and to trigger this fertile soil and the creation of values. These are being built through the coupling of human evolution and the evolution of design tools by mobilizing cultural triggers.

Academic activities

Participation to scientific networks

  • 2018 - until now: Member of the scientific council of the S.MART network for exchanges between researchers (Industry of the Future). For further information : see here.
  • 2009: Founding member of the ECOSD network for exchanges between researchers, companies and institutions (Ecodesign of Systems for Sustainable Development). For further information : see here.
  • 09/2012 - Until now: Co-coordinator for the ecodesign PST (one of the six UTT Mixed Research Scientific and Technological Programmes (PST) with my colleague S. Remy, research team for ecodesign => integration of five research teams from the Institut Charles delaunay). For further information : see here.
  • 2018: Co-Coordinator special issue- Journal : journal of Innovation; Knowledge, Artificial Intelligence for Engineering Design, Analysis and Manufacturing
  • Member of the committee of selection for the hiring of associate professor : 6 external and 1 at UTT
  • Member of Ph.D jurys: As reporter- Jury : 3 ; As examinator
  • Research project expertise: Member of the comity of the scientific evaluation 2019 - Expertise in projects involved in French National Research Agency (ANR) calls for projects –programme 2009 and 2011 and 2018; Expertise in CIFRE (Industrial Agreements for Research Training – fellowship for PhD) projects for the National Association of Technical Research (ANRT); Expertise in projects for the Pays de la Loire region’s call for research projects, 2013.
  • 2019: Member of the CNU (the French National Council of the universities) section 60
  • 2019- 2021: elected member of the scientific council of the UTT

Organization of seminars and workshops

  • Co-organisator of the 3S Seminar
  • 3 Industrial workshops – Ecodesign integration – UTT (June and July 2013, April 2014) and 1 in the region Champagne-Ardennes (June 2012)
  • LCA for agro-products seminar, UTT 2011, financed by the Industries & Agro-Resources Cluster UTT

Other activities

  • 2015-2016 (1 year): Invited professor at the COPPE team, Federal University Fédérale of Rio de Janeiro, Instituto Alberto Luiz Coimbra
  • December 2018- until now: Animator of the research axe “Environment, Human and Machine” Services and Industrie of the Futur Institut of Troyes (ISIFT)
  • Responsible of the Ecocloud collaborative plateform : http://ecocloud.utt.fr/
  • Coordinator of the ‘ecodesign’ working group at the French Standards Association (AFNOR) from 2008 to the end of 2011. This work gave rise to the standard NF X30-264 on Environmental Management – Support in the establishment of an ecodesign approach, February 2013. See the link: http://www.boutique.afnor.org/norme/nf-x30-264/management-environnemental-aide-a-la-mise-en-place-d-une-demarche-d-eco-conception/article/803060/fa166440?codeaff=1
  • Vulgarisation of research through student projects in partnership with companies (since 2009: projects with Renault, Arcelor Mittal, Quiksilver, Neopost, Festilight, TF Création, FRD, Parkeon, Facom, etc.).

Education activities

09/2011 - 07/2015: Responsible for the Materials Economy and the Environment study area of the Materials: Technology and Economy specialisation of the UTT Engineering curriculum, See the link here (Awarded Industries & Agro-Resources Cluster label).

01/2007 - until now: Head of the following lessons – (value unit: approximately 74 hours/student) :

  • EV12: Ecodesign, Cleaner Technologies and Recycling, Engineer level (since February 2008);
  • ME01: Environmental Assessment, Master’s Degree (2007-2012);
  • EC01: Ecodesign (since November 2007).
09/2018 - until now: Head of the doctoral course, speciality "Socio-technical systems: environmental and technological transitions. Training and supervising Master's degree internship student (2 to 6 per semester).
Date of update 30 novembre 2021