JUST REALITIES - The podcast that explores the concept of JUSTICE

What is it? 

Just Realities is a bi-weekly (fortnightly) podcast that explores the concept of justice and how it changes depending on the perspective you take and the context you are in. Our idea is to showcase exciting projects/research/initiatives that are generating more "just realities" around the globe. This podcast is a collaborative space, so anybody can join and co-create our episodes (as a host, as a guest, or as part our tech or research team).


Why do we do this? 

Just Realities is the result of a convergence of factors during the two first years of Santiago’s doctoral research. In 2019 Santiago is awarded the prize for the Best Oral Presentation at the ISDRS 2019 conference in Nanjing, China, after presenting his reflections on the importance of transdisciplinarity research in the field of sustainable science. He was encouraged to continue his work on communicating his research using scientific and non-scientific methods. A few months later he was invited to participate of the AScUS (un)conference, organised by the  Sustainable Urban Systems (SUS) section of the International Society for Industrial Ecology (ISIE) in collaboration with Metabolism of Cities and the IE University in Segovia. Santiago accepted the invitation and proposed, in collaboration with Mercedes Quesada-Embid, professor at Catawba College in North Carolina, a 3 hour session titled "Integrations of Justice in Transdisciplinary Research: Towards New Sustainable Paradigms and Meaningful Advocacy ». As a result of the session, Santiago organised a « debrief » call with Mercedes to reflect on the outcomes of the conference, and voilà! That became the first episode of the podcast. Later on, Santiago implemented the podcast as the pillar of his non-scientific communication strategy.
After all, the podcast has become the perfect excuse for Santiago to dialogue with a non-scientific audience on topics that usually stay within the walls of the universities and research labs. Transdisciplinairity and democratisation of science has become one of the objectives of not only Santiago but the research team CREIDD. 

You can participate too! 

Help us democratising science! The podcast is open for everybody to participate, is as simple as sending an email to santiago.perez@utt.fr.

You can listen to us wherever you listen your podcasts : 


or just go to our home page and find out more : https://anchor.fm/justrealities

Available episodes


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Pre-Episode 1 - Teaser and invitation to participate

Date of update 22 novembre 2020