Organic farms seem to be less impacted and better prepared to face the Covid-19 pandemic and other socio-economico-ecological disturbances. They develop resilient processes by opening up new development opportunities and modes of transition.


In order to understand the resilience processes of organic farms to face multiple disturbances, the project will collect and analyze the parameters that may have influenced these processes.


The study will address the issue according to an interdisciplinary approach to understand the psycho-socio-technico dimensions. Data collection will be done through an immersive approach. The field study will collect data from producers of the French network "Fermes d'Avenir" along a north-south route. The researcher will meet the farmers on foot, i.e. 1000km for 30 days, to be as close as possible to the working and living conditions of the farmers.

Project members

  • Serge Rohmer, InSyTE (UTT)
  • Victor Petit, InSyTE (UTT)
  • Eric Chatelet, InSyTE (UTT)
  • René Diaz Pichardo, InSyTE (SCBS)
  • Antoine Dolez, MESOPOLHIS (SoMuM)


The project is partly funded by UTT and DECATHLON Troyes-Lavau.
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Date of update 16 mai 2021