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Charles Delaunay Institute

UTT-Troyes, a research-intensive model constantly seeking "excellence"

Over 360 staff, including 123 lecturer-cum-research scientists, 183 PhD students, 22 technical support staff and "admin" agents work at ICD (Institut Charles Delaunay) in engineering science, science and technologies in ICT as well as in social sciences and the humanities.

Research conducted at ICD is emblematic of a model for scientific activities specific to the French Universities of Technology, i.e., combining “blue skies” and technology intensive research.

The research topics chosen may be related to socio-economic challenges (health issues, acceptable life-style and wellbeing, the environment, transport, energy, risk factors, security of both goods and persons, and communication systems), or to multidisciplinary knowledge bases (innovation in sciences and technologies concerning matter and materials, digital computation, high level computation and associate mathematics, social sciences and humanities faced with global change), as well as interdisciplinarity knowledge bases in the framework of the transverse thematics “Global security” and “Services and the concept "Industry of the Future").

UTT-Troyes has developed connections with numerous major research establishments: INRIA, IRD, CEA, CNRS. In 2019, the team entitled “Light, nanomaterials, nanotechnologies” obtained the ERL certification by the CNRS.

3 Departments

  • Physics, Mechanical engineering, Material sciences and engineering and Nanotechnologies (P2MN)
  • Operations Research (OR), Applied Statistics and Modelling (ROSAS)
  • Social sciences, Environment and Information & Communications Technologies (ICTs) (HETIC)