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What's up doc conference
What's up doc conference

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Research activities

Research Areas

I am currently working on the junction between life cycle assesment, software engineering and strong sustainability.

Academic activities

Scientific projects

  • 2019: Co-organizator of social experimentation in a rural area : the Grand Chambardement. 
  • 2019: Specification of EcoCloud, a collaborative platform supported by the scientific network S-mart. Organization of workshops among different scientific communities in order to get the needs of the future end users of the platform.

Other projects

  • 2019: Participation to a network working on changing engineering cursus in order to better adress environmental and social issues (presentation of the work can be found here)

Organization of seminars

  • Co-organizor of 3S Seminar which will take place in 2020 in Troyes !

Teaching activities

  • Life cycle assesment
  • Support to student groups for projects on collaborative platform development
  • Representation of human - technical system - nature interactions