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Social sciences, Environment and Information & Communications Technologies (ICTs) (HETIC)

HETIC department : Human, Environment, Information and Communication technologies

The aim of this department is to build the bridge of the research between ICT Technologies and Human and social science from one side and environment and sustainability principles from another side. So, member of HETIC take care to link these aspects even in their research projects or on teaching. So, we have researchers from Human, social, linguistics, computer, management, mechanical sciences who work together. They are involved in several pluridiscipline communities and Institutes: Industry 4.0, Security, Healthcare, …

Three research teams are involved in this Department :
  • CREIDD : to study sustainability principles and actions.
  • ERA : to develop Intelligent and Autonomous network technologies
  • Tech-CICO : to propose cooperation and interactions methodologies and tools.
Several platforms are managed by the members of HETIC :
  • EcoCloud : Frugal Innovation and eco-design
  • Hypertopic : Co-building of knowledge
  • ActivAgeing : Coordination on health Care