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Physics, Mechanical engineering, Material sciences and engineering and Nanotechnologies (P2MN)

P2MN is one of the three academic departments of UTT covering 5 main subjects: Physics, Mechanics, Materials Sciences and Engineering, Optics and Chemistry.

As an academic department, P2MN is primarily responsible for providing the necessary resources and environment for teaching and training, research and industrial transfer ensuring the balance between the three main activities that are more and more related. P2MN is both located in Troyes and Nogent campus. In brief, P2MN is hosting or associated with :

Two research teams

  • L2n: devoted to the study and control of light-matter interaction at nanoscale and related applications
  • LASMIS: devoted to life assessment of structures, materials, mechanics and integrated systems

Two related joint laboratories

  • In-Fine : Center of Innovation for Nanostructured Industrial foils
  • NICCI : CEA-UTT joint lab for advanced surface treatments

Seven training programs

A newly granted international graduate school in nanophotonics and related applications.

To some extends, members are also involved in other training programs such as IMSGA and IMEDD master programs.

Five main platforms

  • NANO’MAT created in 2007 is a UTT-URCA collaborative platform intending to provide equipment and knows-how in the general field of material science and engineering including material synthesis, nanostructuring and advanced characterization techniques.
  • Num3D also created in 2007, is a UTT-URCA collaborative platform for numerical engineering providing expertise in various field such as fast prototyping, additive manufacturing (3D printing) and 3D digitalization.
  • Adhere, the youngest platform located in Nogent is dedicated to advanced surface coating mainly by CVD techniques.
  • 2 Industrial platforms mainly for teaching or short-term research or student projects
The total equipment is worth a 25 M€ and the overall department surface 8700 m2 including 760 m2 of clean room.

In order to address societal needs, environmental issues, P2MN members are also involved in multidisciplinary programs such as the recently created Institute for smart service and industry with related topics in energy and materials and additive manufacturing and the FFCA (Factories of Future Champagne Ardenne) platform.

Activities of the department strongly relies on the general administrative, teaching and technical units of the university together with the international office.